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Life is about change and since I have darling Libby the chihuahua the title seems to still be fresh.


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Right now, I want to tell you about my favorite blog in the whole wide world - Margaret and Helen. Hope you go read their post called "I can see November" - while there note their statistics. A grandson set this site up and it's been around the world several times. Margaret and Helen have been friends for over sixty years and counting.

Don Floyd and I have been friends for more than thirty years and counting. We first became pen pals in the late 70's. We are cousins and share a passion for genealogy. My major project this year was helping Don get his book "The Captain and Thomasine" published. Will give you more details in later post.

Saturday, July 16, 2011



It’s been several years since I wrote my thoughts.  Mostly because I’ve been terribly anxious.  Looking back I recall the anxiety of July 2008 seeing the upcoming election between Barack Obama and John McCain.  John McCain was simply too old and getting rather peculiar.  I really didn’t know just how peculiar until august 29th 2008 when he announced his running mate – Sarah Palin.  Within six hours of his announcement I knew that there were serious rumors that she was not in fact the birth mother of Trig Palin said to have been born April 18th 2008!  It’s much too much to go into now, but full details are available at and Immoral Minority blog.  I regard both of these bloggers as highly ethical, truthful and dedicated.  Also, there is a dormant blog called Palinsdeceptions that is highly detailed.  On May 10th Geoffry Dunn’s book is set for release, “The Lies of Sarah Palin” and there is enough evidence to convince a jury that she in fact faked her pregnancy.  In addition, the intervening years have shown her for the true devil incarnate that she is.
One of the greatest sorrows of my life is the fact that both of my children supported her when she was announced in spite of what I told them.  Why?  Because she reportedly was anti abortion (She wasn’t – just asked what do you want me to say and spouted the party line.)

At the time she was announced I was in the process of getting Steve and Page admitted to the George Washington Society as they are descended from the Washington family.  It’s a lengthy process and I dropped it cold when they professed allegiance to Palin.  I don’t think George would be the least bit proud.  In hindsight, had McCain and Palin been elected our country would be ruined. Consider the financial meltdown and all it entailed.

We are so enormously fortunate to have Barack Obama as our President, but the Republicans have said nothing since his election over two years ago except that they hope he fails. In fact, the Republicans have become an anathema to our country.  I suggest you read “Republican Gomorrah”, “Family of Secrets” and “Worse Than Watergate” should you doubt my words.

Daily I see our system of government chewing up the little person.  If you doubt that take a plane trip and experience “Gate Rape” where six years old girls are groped by security agents.  Watch Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism A Love Story.”  Who is behind this?  Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers through their media monkey Fox News. 
We have become the laughing stock of the world with the “Tea Baggers” (Google Tea Baggers for a shock they don’t even know about).
As I approach my 69th birthday I’ve become cynical and have lost faith in the American way.  We’ve seen people lose houses, pensions, jobs, and savings.  My own daughter is living in Okinawa as that is where the job is.  I miss the McDermott kidlets ENORMOUSLY.  We’re all victims.  I take solace in the education they are receiving in Japan, but they will be on the verge of their teens when they return.  I have so much to teach them and it kills me not to be able to do it.
Fortunately, the Chicago Woodroughs come frequently to visit.  I suppose I should be content with those five, but guess I’m greedy and want all ten. 
A sign of my feelings is the experience I encounter every morning when I open the obituary page.  I don’t read them, but do pass through the section.  I always think – it won’t be long and I’ll be there.  Frankly, I do not dread it, but embrace it.  I’ve done all I ever wanted to do and it’s getting to be time to move along.
This past year was not all bad.  I published a fine book on the De Valcourt family, received the second DeValcourt tea pot and donated both to the Museum of Fine Arts.  They are beautifully displayed in honor of our wonderful director, John Schloder.  The very fine Dali Museum opened and we took part in the opening week.  Great fun. I’ve rediscovered creative knitting and found some new friends.  The “A” list continues to do fun things and everyone is still alive.  Libby still flits around all over the house and Steve enjoys his car.
Today I decided to upload all my reflections to my blog.  In doing so I read my previous thoughts.  I’ve had an interesting life full of rich events and only few regrets. One of the most unusual facets was the opportunity to travel with the “kidlets”.  How many can go to Rome, Caribbean Cruise and Disney Animal Kingdom with “kidlets”.  Of course there is the continuing day trip to Disney which never gets old.
I am very grateful that both children are married to people they love and support. That is priceless.
This past weekend was a significant milestone.  If you want to experience it, watch the White House Correspondent’s dinner of April 30th 2011 knowing that the calm as a cucumber and even very funny Barack Obama was keenly aware that he had just ordered a very daring raid to kill Osama bin Laden.  Still waters run deep.  Obama is not perfect but he’s damn good and still the Republicans cannot get behind him.  They are like middle school bullies. If it were not for the straw men issues of marriage and choice they couldn’t raise their base.  Their base is IGNORANT and angry – mostly ignorant and don’t get me started on the Catholic Church which just put a pope on the road to sainthood in spite of the fact that he presided over the church during the biggest sex scandal ever.  We are told he didn’t know.  Well, if not why not?  He was in charge.
I will continue to put one foot in front of the other until my time is past, but with global warming and all the other ills I feel like I’m just getting out in the nick of time.  My heart bleeds for the kidlets.