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Right now, I want to tell you about my favorite blog in the whole wide world - Margaret and Helen. Hope you go read their post called "I can see November" - while there note their statistics. A grandson set this site up and it's been around the world several times. Margaret and Helen have been friends for over sixty years and counting.

Don Floyd and I have been friends for more than thirty years and counting. We first became pen pals in the late 70's. We are cousins and share a passion for genealogy. My major project this year was helping Don get his book "The Captain and Thomasine" published. Will give you more details in later post.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

As 2011 comes to a close I want to remember the highlights.  Of course the biggest highlights were the kidlet's visits.  The Woodroughs were here twice for a total of two weeks and the McDermotts were here for a month.  I have to say we had a lot of fun and using a whole bottle of glass cleaner I have almost removed all the finger prints.

Memorable moments:
Watching movies and operas especially Les Miserable with Brigid doing the drunk scene.  Speaking of scenes I must mention the wonderful plays that the McDermott girls wrote and produced.  Their level of cooperation was amazing.

Mary is becoming a very charming young lady and still reads with enormous enthusiasm.
Katherine is called "tumble weed" as she somersaults rather than walks across the room.

We watched the DVD of the McDermott trip to China.  It is thrilling to think they have had that experience and that the older girls can write and read Japanese.

I am always up for new things so last February I found two knitting buddies.  We've had a sustained friendship for a year and as a result I took up yarn spinning.  Our group grew to about twenty and we now have to meet at Book Lover's Cafe rather than here at home.

Last week I sent some of my heirloom fabrics including the 100 year old wedding dress to a very creative dressmaker who will make heirloom treasures for the girls.  I am so happy for find a good use for the wedding gown as it worried me that it might get lost over time.

Shannon, Brigid and Mary all took to sewing with great enthusiasm.  They all loved learning to spin yarn. 

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